Cache and add-ons on C5.7

I have had smaller and larger problems with add-ons on a couple of sites running C5.7.4.2 – C5.7.5.2. Some are live, some just about to be. It has turned out that cache has a lot to do with the problems – if not the culprit. Most recent problems (with TWO add-ons) disappeared after disabling JS/CSS cache (dashboard/system&settings)

You think this is about
- web service / server (all sites on the same provider)
- themes, all built on Elemental
- something with C5 itself
- add-ons & C5
- multilingual sites...
- something else...
- using mac can't be it?

I'm trying to find a reasonable way to work and avoid these problems. I can leave the js/css (or some other) cache disabled, but that is not a good idea? Sites have a lot and sometimes large images but should be as fast as possible...

Any ideas?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Some are requiring the assets the wrong way and sometimes minifying .js files gives JavaScript errors. I don't know which one is the case for your Add-Ons, but you can try and contact the developer(s)? Issues like these can be tackled, you just have to know where the problem is and have the right people to solve them.
PaiviK replied on at Permalink Reply
I have done that - and developers have all been most helpful!
But I was thinking there may be something I cold have done differentally
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think so. Only thing you could do was disable caching! :)