Can C5 do what I need it to?

Hi Guys, New to C5 and web dev in general. I am looking to build an application that I can turn over to clients and I have 2 requirements I was hoping you guys could help me know if are possible with C5.
1. I want to define editable areas and the client can't much around with anything except what I made editable.
2. I want to build a sort of store front where clients can add new items, perhaps an image that is clickable and then leads to more content about that image. Would it be possible to let the client add as many or few of these sale blocks as desired?
Thanks for the help

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Parasek replied on at Permalink Reply
1. Sure, just don't turn non-editable stuff into blocks and just hardcode it in php template.
Also tinker with different kind of permissions (you can create Redactor user group - whose users will have only basic privileges.

2. You don't need to use block for every Item - you can use Composer (every Item will be separate page).
Create page template and page type (call it Product/Item or something like that).
Add additional attributes to this page type if neccessary.
Use Page list block (or write code directly into your template) to display Item pages.