Can I hook the edit block dialog box resize event?


I have extended the HTML editor block to provide advanced functionality using code mirror (

I have tried using 100% height to have the editor fill the block edit dialog but I couldn't get that working as I'd hoped so I decided to specify a static height and resize the editor when the dialog resizes but I can't catch the resize event. (See attached before and after)

I have tried..

$( ".ui-dialog-content" ).on( "resize", resizeEditor() );

This fires when the dialog is first created but not when the dialog is resized. The same is true for (dialogresizestop, dialogresize etc.).

Have I got the wrong selector or is the C5 dialog different to the standard jquery UI model?

Any help appreciated..

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There are some funnies with events because the c5 dialog is layered on top of the ui dialog, and events don't get passed through consistently.

I am also not sure about the selector.

The js file to look in in the core is called something like 'legacy dialog'
digirunt replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks.. I had a look through that file and I see there's a lot more js modification going on behind the scenes than I realised.

I got it working in the end by binding an event listener to the jquery resizable selector like this

$(".ui-resizable").on('resizestop', function (event, ui) {//Resize the editor});

now when the block edit dialog is resized I can resize the editor to fit.