Can we sue concrete5 hand logo as part of add-ons logo..?

Hi, now I develop add-ons and I want add hand logo as part of my add-ons logo.

Example c5addons.. and I want change "5" with hand logo of concrete5.. that's allowed..?

I read concrete5 logo usage here :

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fudyartanto replied on at Permalink Reply
sorry.. I mean can we use.. miss typo
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I am sure there used to be a page with the c5 logo and how it could/ could not be used by community members. But I can't find it any more.

You can use a community leader's badge.
Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Probably not since it's a registered trademark and might indicate to someone that c5 is officially endorsing your product.

You could always ask a written permission from the core team to do that but I doubt very strongly that they'd grant you one.