Can't view current user info

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This doesn't seem to say that you have to load a library or anything to get access to the current users info, but I'm not having any luck.

I have created a package which is made up of a single library - it's a 3rd party voting script that I want to use. I have it working on a single page, with the package being loaded when the page starts:
class QuestionsController extends Controller {
public function on_start() {

The package controller loads the voting script:

class VotingPackage extends Package {
public function on_start() {
Loader::library('thumbsup/init', 'voting');

Everything loads and appears to work great. However, when my voting script has a call to check to see if the person voting is logged in:
$u = new User();
$user_id = (int) $u->getUserID();

Then everything falls apart and I get the error:
Fatal error: Class 'User' not found

Can anyone tell me what I need to do so that a class a package library can access the User info?


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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
It's possible that Concrete5 hasn't loaded up user info yet (because you're in the on_start event). You might need to manually load the user model before calling $u = new User():
cjramki replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Jordan Lev,

I don't know about kevinwwilson about this discussion posted in 11/18/11...

but today your reply useful to me...
Thanks a lot...