Change maintenance message

Hello Concrete5 members,

Can someone tell me how I can change maintenance message in Concrete5 8.1 ? :)

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c5dragon replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It is wrapped in a translator function but is not appearing in the translate interface... at first. Maybe a reload of the strings is enough. But I added the override already.

If you're not using this option you could override and edit the template.
[q]".../concrete/views/frontend/maintenance_mode.php, customised it and uploaded it to /application/views/frontend/maintenance_mode.php.
I then cleared the cache and voila!"[/q]

    1  <?php defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied."); ?>
    3: <h1><?php echo t('Coming Back Soon')?></h1>
    5  <?php echo t('This site is currently down for maintenance.')?>

Did a local test and it works as described.
nesoor replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for !!!