Changes to page type default blocks do not propagate through existing pages.

I am exclusively using the left sidebar page type. I needed to edit my autonav block that appears on every page. I went to .../c5/index.php/dashboard/pages/types and clicked the default button for the left sidebar page type. I edited the blocks for the page type, but the updates only appear on new pages I create. They do not propagate globally. I tested this with multiple changes to make sure it was not a fluke.

I guess I see how this makes sense because I edited the "default" blocks of the page type, but there must be some way to make global changes to blocks in a template. I could hard code it but my sense is that would not be best practice.

How do I make changes to a template that will propagate through the existing pages?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
if you are using 5.5+ you can use global areas or stacks
shwaydogg replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks @Mnkras,

I have finally gotten 5.5+ up and running! Is one solution better than the other to use? I think I will go ahead with stacks because it is part of core concrete5.

I was about to yell at the screen in this video until they showed how to edit all the existing pages with the current page type.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Global Areas are in the core aswell, they are basically exactly the same as Stacks.
auscoal replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same issue here also. could this be a bug? Or is this a change in the functionality to accommodate the global area in the stacks?

Is this now to be used as a global stack?

What now is the purpose of a page type default when you can just define a global stack area?
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Page type defaults are just defaults for new pages. The defaults can be changed once the new page is added, and these changes will only affect that one page.

Global areas and stacks on the other hand are for content that is always the same across many pages -- so if you change it in one place it changes it everywhere else too.