Combine the blocks of other pages to create an overview page

I'm working on a Concrete site for my traineeship. As I've never worked with Concrete before and I don't understand the code yet, I'd like to ask some help.

The problem is as follows:

We have a few pages: - Artists - Concerts - Articles - News

All use a right_sidebar layout(A bit adjusted, it now looks like left main, right sidebar, left sidebar, right main, banner. This is repeated with a loop untill every photo/article is displayed)

What I want to do is: When I post something on for example: Artists, I want it to be added to News automatically. And when I post on Articles or Concerts, it should also be added to the News page.

But I really cannot seem to find a solution for this!

Is this even possible?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Arjanoskam,

It sounds like you can accomplish this with a Page List block and Page Types.

The Page List block will filter and sort site pages based on rules that you set up. This can include filtering pages based on their page type.

You can create page types for Artist and Concert. An example would be adding a new Artist page, it will be published under Artists, and use the Artist page type. A Page List block could be placed on the News page and filter by Artist page types. the same thing would be done for Concert.

If you wanted to make one single Page List of news, and not two separated into Artist and Concert, that would require programming. With programming you could filter the Page List by multiple page types instead of one.