Concrete 5 Badge System Dilemma

So there the voting contest addon which lets people vote on images. As a perk for participating I'll give out badges to the 1,2,3 places.

Problem: Badges in C5 need to be assigned to a group so I'll have to create a group for : Fur and Feathers Contest #1- the guy who won first place in that contest. Worst of all it'll only hold one member!
Now to add to that I have two types of photography contests: Fur and Feathers, Aquasnaps. So multiply by 2. Now the photography contests need to recur to prevent mass boredom so that's another multiplying factor every month! :( How do I make this manageable and less of a waste of space?

Thanks for the help, folk!

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mhawke, 3gpets and I are working together on this problem. Anyway, that's more of substitute to badges than figuring them out. So it won't do the trick I wish badges could've also been assigned individually.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
I've never used the 'Rewards' add-on but the documentation said that rewards can be assigned to individuals so I thought it would do the trick (for $15).
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
I intend to work with the badges themselves but find a better way to do so, that's all.
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
Going at this programatically, a user select attribute that allows multiple selections is a possibility. When you create the attribute do not allow it to be user editiable.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Mike! Nice to hear from you again. Right now sadly.. I can't even login to my website ! In the event that this sorts itself out how exactly can I create this attribute. Like I go to user attributes, click on 'New attribute' but how do I relate that attribute to badges? Thanks!
Schattenreich replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah I was looking at this. Only problem is it is not working with the latest version of Concrete5. Do you know of any other add-ons tools out there that can be used with the newer versions?