concrete 5.7 image slider issues

Dear All,

First off good afternoon, hope to learn a lot from you guys. To get to the point, I have a horizontal image slider in my website template I am adding photos to. For whatever reason the image slider keeps cropping photos from the bottom, it looks like the photos are cut about halfway down when I save the changes. Please advise any possible solutions, I already tried fixing the aspect ratios in Systems & Settings and also resizing the pics but none of that worked. Thanks in advance for all replies.

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WillyP replied on at Permalink Reply
Depending on what slider you are using, there might be a configuration snippet, or you might have to edit the css file. Can you provide a link to the site?
discountthriftstore replied on at Permalink Reply
Willy thanks for your quick reply. The website address is,... you should be able to see the image slider on the home page. All the photos are basically cut in half.
WillyP replied on at Permalink Reply
The pics are very large, 2,448px × 3,264px, and I would recommend resizing them, but your call, if you really want to make that slider taller change max height to something much bigger than the 480px it is now.

Don't forget to clear your cache to see the changes. I'm new to Concrete5 myself but Firebug says the css entry is located in (line 1) and generally speaking, having 'cache' in the path means it's cached. You can turn off caching until you are done developing but someone with more experience than I with C5 will have to tell you how, though I think I saw instructions on how to do it in the documentation on themeing.
discountthriftstore replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks going to try now
2deez replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe that particular slider has a max height set in the css.
For the type of and size of images you are using, I recommend trying a different image slider or edit the css to suit your site.
I saw Simple Slider is responsive and free.
discountthriftstore replied on at Permalink Reply
I didn't develop it myself, it's part of the hosting service I use, will also try using another slider template to see if it makes a difference, thanks for responding.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

The images are being cut in half because the .rslides class is set to "overflow: hidden;". Any part of the image that overflows will be hidden.
.rslides {
position: relative;
list-style: none;
overflow: hidden;
width: 100%;
padding: 0;
margin: 0;

As WillyP said, the pictures very large, not just in dimension, but in file size. The slide images range from 1MB to 2.4MB and should be 50-100KB. This will make viewing this site very expensive and very slow.

Your images are much taller than wide, which is not suited for the Image Slider which is wider than it is tall. Images used in the Image Slider are best sized to 1110px x 480px.
discountthriftstore replied on at Permalink Reply
@MrKDilkington thanks for the advice boss, I tried resizing before to no avail, will also try making the images wider than they are longer to see if that helps.