Concrete 5's place in a headless world?

Hey all, just thought I would start this a discussion to get other people's thoughts/experiences.

I've been doing a lot of reading and research around headless and API driven OS CMS software such as Cockpit and Directus.

So far we've not really needed to do much work down this route, but it's becoming increasingly clear that design decoupled from content/data is becoming more common, especially for news/blog sites and web apps.

I'm just wondering where this leaves 'traditional' CMS apps and whether there are plans for any kind of similar implementation for C5.

I'm also thinking that some projects using Cockpit or similar would still benefit from a front-end CMS, otherwise page creation, URL routing, cache management, permissions etc are going require manual implementation for each decoupled site/app. So does this mean we're looking at a model whereby C5 content blocks or composer would access external data sources to populate pages?

Or might we just continue as we are with custom blocks for connection to external APIs. (We're actually already doing this at the moment for a project that connects to a Zoho database to retrieve order info. This however seems less efficient than a more baked in approach.

Interested to hear everyone else's thoughts on this. (Maybe I'm just behind the curve and this is already being discussed!)

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mrjcgoodwin,

For more information on a concrete5 API, there is a #restapi channel in the concrete5 Slack team and a GitHub issue.
Create Robust REST API for C5 #4708
mrjcgoodwin replied on at Permalink Reply
That's an interesting thread thanks - I'll check it out.