concrete5 8.3.1 Now Available

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Just letting everyone know that concrete5 8.3.1 is now available!

The biggest feature in this update is the ability to update to 8.3.1 from versions as far back as 8.3.0 required you to update to 8.2.1 first. If you were having trouble updating to 8.0 from in the past definitely give this new version a fresh try.

Additionally, we have some improvements like the ability to export/import express entities and entries using the Migration Tool, the ability to search form results, improvements to multilingual sitemap reliability and more:

Additionally, if you haven't checked out 8.3.0 you should probably give it a look at some point soon: we've added a lot, including our own formerly commercial add-ons like the Document Library and a very robust version of calendar add-on, with support recurring events, versioning, workflow, and much much more. It's in use on sites with thousands of events and hundreds of users, and it works great.

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CMSDeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Still can not update through the dashboard.

Gives: Page Not Found!

Is this old problem still not solved in 8.3.0?

barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Does this address the server environment not found issue and subsequent URL redirect crashing if enabled or manually placed in a htaccess file? Is this only unique to Bluehost Prime accounts? I don't have this issue with Bluehost Pro accounts, just this new Prime server "upgrade" and UI. They did something wonky with PHP as well.
barkingtuna replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Bluehost has reconfigured certain "Prime" accounts with a new UI and have modified PHP. In turn, certain modules are no longer where expected and throw an error but more importantly, they no longer allow for .htaccess files within subdirectories of the root directory or at least the Apache rewrite crashes the site in the subdirectory and mixes it with the site in the root if you try and navigate past the home page in the site in a subdirectory. See attached for what they've inserted with no warning and they say that ALL pro accounts will eventually be migrated as well to this BS. The website in the root works fine with this .htaccess file... it's any site build within a subdirectory of the root, live or in production, that crashes. Not only that, the dashboard in C5 can't recognize the server environment OR create an htaccess file in the subdirectory and the code it says to drop in works for the home page but results in a 404 error page of the root website when you navigate past the home page.
CMSDeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for your info on bluehost (for bluehost users!).

No, this are 2 webhosters in the netherlands:

One is a VPS the other a budget host.
I must say webhosters in the USA are expensive compared to NL.
I do remember this upgrading issue exist, from versions 7.xx / 8.x!?