Concrete5 to Build Real-Estate Listings Site

I've been using Concrete5 for various sites, but mostly it's been for simple projects. I'm wondering about using it for more advanced work now...

I have one project in particular that is a good test. I'm building a real-estate site where agents need to have an easy-to-use system for creating and maintaining listings.

Here are the main capabilities that I need to build into the site:
(1) Present front-end submission forms to non-techie agents (with custom fields for all property attributes)
(2) Front-end submission forms also allow agents to place listings into categories (active, inactive, or pending)
(3) Automatically create listings pages from the forms, which are saved in the categories mentioned in (2)
(4) Create "listings pages" that display all listings that agents placed in the "active" category
(5) Search function based on fields in the forms (i.e., search by "price" or "number of bedrooms")
(6) Allow agents to see their own listings, and edit those listings with the same front-end submission form

In the past, I've used Joomla for sites like this. It handles such tasks with what is referred to as a "CCK." I find the process in Joomla very powerful, but rather unwieldy.

Concrete5 is very elegant. I'd be thrilled if I could find a way to join the "CCK" powers with the elegance of Concrete5?

Is it possible at all? Is it possible just using core Concrete5 functions? Or am I looking at custom coding?


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leinteractive replied on at Permalink Reply
There are a couple of Real Estate add-ons in the marketplace. Not sure how many of your specs these meet...but if your an avid programmer, these might be a good starting point: