Concrete5.7 package translation does't work

I'm trying to translate my package going by the steps in this Howto:

But the very first string I need to translate gives me an error:

public $entry_name = t('Name:'); -> syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting ',' or ';'

Then, instead of declaring that variable, I simply wrote in the view.php file

echo $form->label('name', t('Your Name'), array ('class'=>"required"));

then gone through all the steps creating my messages.po and files - it didn't work, the text doesn't get translated. The po and mo files are in my application/packages/MY_PACKAGE/languages/ru_RU/LS_MESSAGES folder.

I tried another HowTo: I've renamed my messages files to ru_RU.po and and moved them to application/languages/site - still doesn't work, I only see English.

Then I've uninstalled my package, installed it again. I go the an English page - ok. Then go to a Russian page and get this error:

Zend \ I18n \ Exception \ RuntimeException
Plural rule of merging text domain is not compatible with the current one

What's wrong? I'm totally clueless now what to do. Could anyone help please?

Thank you.

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bbrody replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi! I had the same issue, I've managed to find the solution that worked for me. You can find it here