Concrete5.7.5.6 - form submission Error 404 Page Not Found

I'm overriding a Page List block - I want to add a contact form at the bottom of the Page List block (not this simple, but for the purpose of the question and solving the problem it will do). I copied the page list block folder into the application/blocks.

I have a working package with a contact form. I added my working form block to the page at the bottom of the page list block - everything works just fine. Just to be sure the contact form block works fine.

Then I removed the form block. Copied my working code from my contact form package's block into the view.php and controller.php of the page list block I'm overriding. I press the submit button - and it gives me the Error 404 Page Not Found after going to page ''.

What could be wrong? The piece of code works in the separate contact form block but not in my overriden page list block. I'm puzzled.

I replaced the view and controller files in the page list block for those from my contact form block - everything works! But not when I add the code to the existing view and controller files.

Just as another test, I've added my contact form block just below the page list block - it works just fine. I'm absolutely clueless... Could there be some sort of conflict? I couldn't even imagine between what.

<div class="row">
            $form = Loader::helper('form');
            $formAction = $view->action('submit_form').'#formblock'.$bID;
    <div id="formblock<?php  echo $bID; ?>" class="ccm-block-type-form">
    <form id="contact_form" 
            action="<?php echo $formAction?>" 
            <div class="form-group">
                            echo $form->label('name', "Name");
                            echo $form->text('name', $name);

public function action_submit_form() {
    $txt_message = "Test email";
    $mh = Core::make('helper/mail');
    $mh->to($this->email_to, $this->site_name);
    $mh->from($this->email, $this->name);
    $mh->replyto($this->email, $this->name);

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marcsublet replied on at Permalink Reply

I have the same problem with the PageList block.
Do you have found the reason/a workaround?