Content disappear


I use a GlobalArea to display content on a header bar.
When in editing mode i can see the content (which is Text only) but as soon as i logged out, the content disappear.

the global area code:
<div class="ha-left">sdscc<?php $a = new GlobalArea('Address Infos - Tel - Fax'); $a->display($c); ?></div>

Also in attached file ScreenCapture of the problem.

Any idea or someone had already this kind of strange thing happen ?

Thanks in advance

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jordif replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

You can try going to Dashboard -> Stacks & Blocks, select "View Global Areas" from the dropdown and make sure the latest version is approved/published.

chrismodlao replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks it works.

So when you approve and save the changes on a page, some blocks didnt get approve ??

Anyway thanks again
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
I've only encountered this with global areas. So it's not that some blocks on the page didn't get approved (cause global areas are shared among pages, they do not belong to one page).

Maybe you were already editing the same global area in another page, and maybe that's why the changes in the global area were not automatically approved. Just guessing, but that could be the reason.