Content migration: Seems to work fine, but then no pages are published

After some nice help here I got the Concrvete5 migration tool working. :) So I'm migrating content from an old 5.6 website to a brandnew 5.8 site. I successfully converted the theme, solved all mapping problems and I now have a batch ready that, according to the migration tool, has no errors. Yet when I run the batch, it seems to be doing a lot (178 tasks) but in the end my content is still only an empty home page.

After the first attempt to publish the batch, the users and stacks all got crossed out in the list, indicating they migrated successfully. Indeed I can see the users so that worked. But the pages are still there waiting for me to be checked off and imported again. I used the select all checkbox and published the batch, also tried just checking the box on one page and import it, but the result is always the same: A lengthy progress bar, no errors, but no pages are published (also no errors in the server error logs).

Is there something obvious I'm forgetting here? All page types and block types are properly matched and according to the scan there are no errors.

On a side note: Is there also a way to migrate all files from the filemanager including their file sets? The site I'm migrating used a photo album that displayed photos based on file sets so I have a file set for each album. The album module is no longer supported and I don't mind setting up and populating a new one, but it would help me a lot of the files and their links to file sets came across from the old site to the new.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
After you migrate the content, if you go to the Full Sitemap and show the system pages I believe there should be a batch directory (with a crazy hash for the name) that contains all your pages, then you can move them around in the sitemap as needed.

I don't think there is a File Set piece to the migration, but I've only used it a few times so I'm not 100% sure on that answer.
revee replied on at Permalink Reply
I knew it would be something simple like that haha. Yep, there they are. :)