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I have just installed concrete5.

I would like to make a page with the alphabet and drop-down menus with all the countries. Is there a ready-made template?

Thank you!

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
I think from the address attribute you'll get a pretty good example:
echo Loader::helper('form')->select('country',  Loader::helper('lists/countries')->getCountries());

The Zend libraries also offer these lists, so there might be few more if you need more complete lists. E.g. if you want to separate countries on different areas (Europe, North America, etc.). But I think the above one is applicable to 99% of cases.
jojopara replied on at Permalink Reply

I might have made myself not very clear as a complete novice in this.

I would like to create a page with the letters of the alphabet for all countries so letter A should include Afghanistan to Azerbaijan etc.

How can I do this? Is there something like this ready-made?

Thank you!