Creating a custom attribute type "User"

HI C5 folks,

I asked me if somebody there has already created a "User" attribute type.
The main idea is to have a way to associate users to a file.

I imagine a workflow like that:
1 - Select the newly created attribute type "Users".
2 - Give it a name/handle and select (with checkboxes) which "User Attribute(s)" you want to use in the search (for example username, user id, name, last name…)
3 - You can add this new attribute type to a file: it's an autocompletion field with the ability to put 0 to n users (tags with ability to remove items) - in the same way as the select attribute but based on the C5 registered users.
4 - Then you can (for example) creating a files repository with the ability to display "personal" documents on the user profile (where a file is not unique to one user).

If somebody has already done that or has other ideas to achieve this sort of stuff… I already thank you for that!

Kind regards,

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jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
For a start:

for a start.

There are actually 2 classes -- User and UserInfo -- that contain user-related information, so it's important to review the relationship between the two for desired properties.

You can also access custom attributes created for users from the UserInfo object in the "Get/Set User Attributes" section.

For the rest, customization of the functionality you mention would be required.

For a ready-made solution, the "Document Library" add-on might address your requirement:
marcsublet replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you.
I will have a more in depth look to both classes.
At the first glance, it seems I will play with UserInfo to achieve what I want.
dfirm replied on at Permalink Reply
I know this is an old post, but did you have any luck achieving what you were talking about? I'm wanting to do the same thing.