Creating values for site attributes/keys


During the installation of my package I create a few Sets in the 'site' category in those sets I create some attributes (SiteKey) so people can edit some basic settings in their website (stuff like company logo, company name).
$key = array(
    'akName' => t($name),
    'akHandle' => $handle,
$key = SiteKey::add($attribute_type,$key,$pkg);
$manager = new StandardSetManager($category,Database::get()->getEntityManager());

I've also created a dashboard page where the site admin can edit the attributes/settings I created. I run in to some problems when I try to save values to these attributes.

I've been through all classes under src/Attribute and src/Entity/Attribute but I can't seem to find a method for creating/saving the value. There are some deprecated methods in Concrete\Core\Attribute\Controller but they don't seem to work anymore and just return null.
For example:
foreach ($data as $key => $value){
    $ko = $r->findOneBy(
        array('akHandle' => $key)
     $kc = $ko->getController();

Does anyone know how values should be saved in the framework?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi bleenders,

Have you checked the most recent documentation on attributes? There have been quite a few changes.