CSV PageMaker by Kino

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just made an another CSV tools for concrete5 in addition to CSV User importer


Download both "importusers.zip" and "pagemaker.zip" here

Use of PageMaker

- Download the file "pagemaker.zip"
- Unzip
- Upload onto "packages"
- Install from dashbaord

How to Use

- Login
- go to [Sitemap] - [PageMaker]
- Import the CSV file (follow the format mentioned below)

CSV Format Example
[Title], [Alias], [Page Type Handle], [Theme Handle]


page1, page_1, left_sidebar,default
page2, page_2, right_sidebar,default
page3, page_3, full,default
page4, page_4, left_sidebar,greensalad
page5, page_5, right_sidebar,greensalad
page6, page_6, right_sidebar,greensalad

He said that he will submit it to Marketplace soon.

This simple version will be free of charge. And he's planning to make advanced version as paid block.

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Katz!

Can you help him to submit this stuff to the marketplace as well? Let me know if I can help as well...
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Is this Add-On anywhere available now? Would be great :)


PS: After looking at examples, would it be possible to also create Content for a specific Blocktype if the Pagetype is defined?

I look for some bulk-creation-tool
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, just found it in the thread. Hope this will work with recent C5 version. Since Katz' website seems down, will this AddOn ever be finished?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
If you can't get the csv to page addon working, you can achieve similar using Magic Data Forms to read the csv and then Black Magic Data to create the pages.
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Ha! I was assuming that your Magic Date Suite was capable of something like that :)

Most important function for me is the possibility to upload Content from the CSV. It does not need to go into a TinyMCE Block, HTML block would be fine. So assuming I create a pagetype "Bulk" with "Content Area1", "Content Area2" etc.

I need to be able to upload a CSV with the columns:

"PageType, PageTitle, PageDescription, ContentArea1, ContentArea2"

I was searching your website for BlackMagic Docs but could find anything. Is this possible to do?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
If you go to
and filter to Black Magic Data, you will see what you can do to create pages and populate content. Symbols particularly relevant are:

For the input, Magic Data Forms has a CSV interface that can be read using the form result symbols.

So you could write MD to read a csv, loop through line by line, create a page using a page type, and add content or html blocks.

You could run the expression from the symbol tester, from a Magic Data Direct block, or from a Magic Job.