Custom Blocks with custom WYSIWYG-editor?

Is there a way to make a block that is just like the standard content block (with the WYSIWYG-editor) but only has the possibility to use "approved" tags?

For example, to allow a user to edit his H1 I'd like a block where a user can only use an <a>-tag or such, and no <h1> or <p> tags.

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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
check out designer content in the mp.
clocktower replied on at Permalink Reply
This may be more useful:


Put this in your block add/edit:

Loader::element('editor_config', array('editor_mode' => 'ADVANCED'));

The 'editor_mode' parameter in a default C5 install can be ADVANCED, SIMPLE, OFFICE, or CUSTOM.

Then, with the textarea helper:

<?php echo $form->textarea('field_name', $field_name, array('class'=>'advancedEditor ccm-advanced-editor')) ?>


I was looking to add the WYSIWYG editor to a custom block and was able to integrate what I needed from that post.