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Something I've never understood how works in Concrete5 is this:

Say a client needs a site where s/he can post small pieces of content, say music albums. Each has a title, an artist, a picture, and that needs to be shown in a grid like fashion.

Will the client input a custom-made block for each of these? What if I want the content sorted alphabetically, asc or desc?

Or is it done with pages? That eventually get sorted on another page? How much PHP-knowledge is needed to do the above?

I know very little of PHP, but can do some WordPress theming PHP stuff;-)

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jaredquinn replied on at Permalink Reply
One way to approach this may be as a page type with Custom Attributes representing the parts you want then using the page list block with a custom template assigned to the block to display your attributes.

The more complete way to do this would be much the same way that the eCommerce plugin handles products - which is a little too much detail to go into in this post. This approach is much the same as used in the FAQ Module, and detailed in the fantastic how-to at:

webmatros replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jared

Thanks for your answer. Yet the stuff in that article you linked to was like greek to me. Maybe Google can translate from Geek > English, cause there's so much jargon there, and the syntax of the code is totally alien to me.

How do I make a page type with custom attributes and attach a custom template block to the page list block?

I want to like Concrete5, since it offers great end user experience, but even though I can do a lot of advanced stuff in WordPress, Textpattern and Drupal, and grasp the concepts of various other CMS's quite well, it seems to me there is a huge gap in Concrete5 between the easy-peasy of the end-user editing and the developer stuff.

Seems to me the missing link is a UI for creating the various stuff you suggested (Atributes etc)...

Just my honest view.
goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
Interesting topic. I found this thread because I searched for "Concrete5 Content Types", and that is a term used in Drupal where Content Types are the main "recordset data objects". So if you need 2+ records with same fields, such as a list of houses on a real estate site, you would use Content Types in Drupal. I cannot find any direct equivalent to that in C5, but I think the closest thing is Pages with Attributes.

So Jared, if we were building a real estate site... are you saying the simplest approach would be to make a Page Type named "real estate listing" and then attach the Attributes such as "bedrooms, baths"? And then for each home listed, we make a page of that type?

Are they any tools for aggregating a list of pages then? Because if you make a recordset like real estate listings, at some point you want to display a list of them on a single page.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a page list block that has multiple options, attributes and templates, either built into the block, or as free or paid addons.

If you want anything else, with a little php its easy to create whatever list variations you want with a custom view template and some attributes to filter on.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply