Custom Forms, ADA Compliance, Web Accessibility

Custom Forms: The end product I'm trying to create is a more friendly ADA compliant / Web Accessible form. For now, to do that, I simply need to add a 'title' to the <lable> and <input> fields.

I'm good at copy and paste PHP to get what I need, but coding PHP from scratch is a bit over my head. I'm trying to create some special features for the C5 Forms. I've tried just changing the view.php file in Concrete > Blocks > Forms, which I'd rather not do - But didn't work anyway - nothing happened. I've also created a custom template by using the view.php file within express_forms and uploading that file to the applications > blocks folder. However, the view.php within the express_form does not contain a single piece of code that I can see to modify the Concrete5 form.

If anyone has a view.php file they created for their express_forms I could utilize, or any guidance - I'd appreciate it? None of the market place forms seem to have the ability to make the changes I need.

Anyway I can bring this to the attention of the Concrete5 developers? Having more friendly ADA Forms, Image Slider, Menu, etc. would be advantageous and a great selling point for C5!

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