Custom Template for Global Area / Stack not working

In my custom theme I created a custom template for one of the default c5 blocktypes and tried to use it for a block inside a global area. But I experienced that I cannot use custom templates neither in global areas nor in stacks (the respective selection field is empty there). Although I'm working with c5 more than 10 years and created many custom templates, I wasn't aware of this behaviour, but I also don't remember if I ever tried it. Is this a feature? Or is it likely to be a problem with my installation?? Has anyone experiences with this?

concrete5 version 8.5.2
MySQL version 5.6.42-log
Apache/2.4.41 (Unix)
PHP version 7.2.27

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
I always use custom templates in global areas. Never had a problem.

Examples: Autonav, social, search, etc.

Could it be something wrong with the custom theme?

Which block type are using?
cgrauer replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried it with express_entry_list and with image. Strange thing.