Customising register page in a theme in 5.7

I have a theme in the application/theme folder I have the put the core register.php into the application/single_pages folder.

The register page looks good and is how I want it but I've noticed that fontawsome has stopped working and you can't register.

The reason you can't register is because the capatcha although viewable won't validate.

Do I need to register this page in the page_theme.php somehow or something?

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you changed the '/application/config/app.php' file?
return array(
     'theme_paths'         => array(
        '/login'            => 'theme',
        '/register'         => 'theme',
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks I had done that. I worked out it was the fact I didn't have this line of code in my template, so I wasn't seeing my error messages. my password was too short.

<?php Loader::element('system_errors', array('format' => 'block', 'error' => $error, 'success' => $success, 'message' => $message)); ?>