Customize Form Block - PHP question?

I'm probably overlooking something simple, but I want to edit the HTML of the default form block.

I copied concrete/blocks/form -> /blocks/form and that works fine.

Issue I'm having is tearing out the <table> layout of the form itself.

The form is relatively simple:


Found <form> and <input> in the view.php. The actual table structure however is:

<?php   $miniSurvey->loadSurvey( $survey->questionSetId, 0, intval($bID) );  ?>

So, I tried copying the controller from concrete/core/controllers/blocks/form_minisurvey.php -> /controllers/blocks/ but changes don't affect my layout…

I did a grep for the actual CSS of the table (id="formBlockSurveyTable") and it only shows up in that form_minisurvey.php file and some associated CSS. Did I paste that controller in the wrong place/ folder structure?

Appreciate the help!

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DAkers replied on at Permalink Reply
Perhaps the override cache is turned on?
joelhansen replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Dakers,

I cleared /files/cache, /files/tmp, cache in the C5 dashboard and browser cache.

Cache in the Dashboard under speed settings is turned off. Is that the override cache you're talking a out? Or is that some manual site.php config setting I don't know about? :P

mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Perhaps this isn't what you are talking about but what I did was install a free add-on called "Form Tableless Layout" found here:

and then grab the 'tableless_layout.php' from that package and put it in [root]/blocks/form/templates/your_template_name.php .

You can then modify this php file and use it as a template on a regular form.