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Hello everybody,
I was updating my Concrete site to the latest version, so I was using the trick of duplicating it, updating+testing the copy and then switching the two, when I noticed something. Usually the file with the database connection credentials, that you had to edit to change the database you were working with, was application/config/database.php containing just an array with database => username => password => etc. Now it's sporting a header saying

"Generated *date-and-time*

which is something that's usually written on files automatically generated using data from somewhere else. Problem is, I can't find mention of this anywhere on this site, no other configuration files or procedures to change the DB connection credentials. Is it undocumented because it's a very recent change, or it's just a warning and I can keep editing database.php directly when I'm moving sites, like I've always done?
Thanks in advance

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
In this case its automatically written when the site is setup and the rest is a standard header for such files.
When moving a site you need to edit the connection as you have always done and continue being careful not to brick the site in the process.
CityEnquirer replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh good, I was afraid something had changed. I had to make sure.
Ok, then I'll proceed with the usual method next time I have to update a site. Thanks a lot!