Date Navigation - Drop-Downs?

I've installed the Date Navigation block in the sidebar of a blog, and it produces a list of links for each moth, and you have to click the link to view the list of results. In previous versions of concrete5, the Date Navigation block produced a list of drop-downs for each month, that when clicked would show the list of post titles there in the block. I've searched and do not find that I installed any custom overrides or special styling to produce that, it seems to be how the block worked on its own, but now it doesn't. Does anyone have a solution to recreate that old format, with the drop-downs for each month inside the block? Thanks.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi OddSpoon,

A while back I started working on adding the year > month > page title display back into the Date Navigation block, but did not finish it.

Please find attached the partially completed block. It is based on the 5.7 Date Navigation block. It needs to be redone using the v8 version of the block and add nesting and JavaScript.

If there was enough interest in it, I would complete it.
OddSpoon replied on at Permalink Reply
I sure would be interested! I did search the add-ons to see if anyone had done a version for 8, but didn't see any. I looked at the old 5.7 version, too, but I think it's beyond my skills to do an upgraded version. How many batches of homemade cookies would I have to send you to convince you to finish yours? :D
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

I will put it on my todo list.
OddSpoon replied on at Permalink Reply