Dialog box editing interface in 5.7

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to implement a dialog box similar (pretty much the same but with my own package dialog view) as the Add Groups on the dashboard user page. I've disected the source code and got it working with the built in groups page on my own single page in the dashboard but i can't figure out how to get the URL to my package's dialog view file.

I see the code in the users/search.php code is this:
<a class="btn btn-default btn-xs" data-button="assign-groups" dialog-width="640" dialog-height="480" dialog-modal="true" href="<?php echo URL::to('/ccm/system/dialogs/group/search')?>?filter=assign" dialog-title="<?php echo t('Add Groups')?>" dialog-modal="false"><?php echo t('Add Group')?></a>

I tried a few combinations of modifying the url (/ccm/package/developer_crm/dialogs/customer/search) and (/package...) and (/developer_crm/...) but to no success as the dialog box does not even open up to say the page couldn't be found. any ideas on the proper URL I should be passing?

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pixolette replied on at Permalink Reply
In your package directory should create a /views directory.
For example, /package_handle/views/box_functions.
Also, you need to create a controller for this dialog box, which will be registered with
Route::reigster(path_you_want_to_use, file_path\Class::methodName);

in controller, you jusr have to use this:
$this->view = new DialogView('/box_functions');
marcandre replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you explain this in more detail?
Thank you in advance!
marcandre replied on at Permalink Reply
If you got it working, could you please share an exemple?
Thank you in advance!
janwidmer replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey MarcAndre,

Did you have success implementing your custom dialog? I am trying the same, but struggling with the dialog view / controller..

Any Advice / Code examples?