Disable "add-ons" in intelligent search results in 5.7?

I've got the following things in my /application/config/concrete.php file:
return array(
   'marketplace' => array(
      'enabled' => false,
      'intelligent_search' => false,
   'external' => array(
      'intelligent_search_help' => false,
      'news_overlay' => false,
      'news' => false,

But I'm still seeing "Add-Ons" appears in the intelligent search box results. Anyone know the actual method of disabling all marketplace integration, even in the intelligent search?


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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Okay, so logging out of the dashboard and then back in fixed the problem (it appears that the dashboard menu HTML is generated once per session, so it's like a kind of cache that does not get cleared with the usual "clear cache" operation).