Display file manager contents in page?

Is there a way to display the content of the file manager in a page? I would like to have one page that displays all "public" files from all users sitewide, and another that displays only those files that were uploaded by a specific user. (Ideally, he latter would either be a block on, or a page linked from, the user's Profile page, but could also be a stack displayed in the 'Stack Modal' add-on.)

I could use the dynamic iframe to display the entire dashboard page, but that's not as "pretty" a solution as I was hoping for.

Any ideas? Am I overlooking something obvious?

Thanks in advance!

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spjuphigh replied on at Permalink Reply

The "List Files From Set" add-on will list the individual user's files, but not the sitewide list. (Am I wrong?) Also, I would *really* like to have a thumbnail of the file displayed, just like in the actual file manager.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I was thinking of the same for image files, asked the question on the List Files From Set forum:

It seems like it would be strait forward to create a custom template if you know a little php.

(Its something I have on my to-do list)