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I have a sitemap like this one :


But i would like to define that "Page1" is an alias of "EN".

How can i do that ?


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yadielar replied on at Permalink Reply
Why should you have "Page1" separated from "EN"? Just make "EN" be the "Page1" and any other pages belonging to it go underneath.

Just like "Home" works.
yadielar replied on at Permalink Reply
Since this seems difficult to express I'll try to rephrase it:

What I meant was that "EN" should be your "Page1", because it is the parent page.
orange73 replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, i will rephrase too.

I would like that because in my view i have 2 autonav :

One for languages (which are EN and FR folders and display just these folders)

Another one for children beneath current language.

For example, i am in "EN" folder, only children of this folder are displayed, but i would like to display this folder just before the first child with a different name than "EN", example of this autonav in the view (not sitemap) :

Home (EN renamed)

So, i think i must do a template for autonav and add parent item of first child... no ?

yadielar replied on at Permalink Reply
You can create page aliases in concrete5 just by dragging the page in the Sitemap to a folder and choosing create alias in the dialog.

However, you cannot have a page alias underneath the page itself (basically you can't drag the page unto itself).

But here's a little trick that you could do.

Make "EN" the official "Page1" as I mentioned before. Now on the Sitemap, click the "EN" folder and choose "Add External Link". Now put the address of the "EN" page as the URL and name it however you want it to appear in the navigation.

I know this is not ideal because it could generate a broken link if you change your sitemap to much, but if you just have "EN" and "FR", it shouldn't do much trouble.

Hope this helps.
orange73 replied on at Permalink Reply
Page Alias of C5 Core is not the solution, yes, not so flexible.

I have created finally a page type which can be used by a page and do redirect link to his firschild is exist, else 404 error.

Thanks for your help.
janwidmer replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks a lot for your little trick with the external Link, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Regards Jan