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Is there a theme out there with a drop down menu?

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
there are blocks out there (templates for auto_nav) for sure, but I'm not sure about a theme.

search for suckerfish and you should find an example that needs like 3-4 lines of code. This should be fairly easy to integrate into a theme or template...
bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Reply
Should I search google of concrete for suckerfish?
jpabellon replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Bryan

I used a Jquery plugin. Concrete5 ships with Jquery alread so I just needed to link a Jquery plugin into my theme which is just a derivative of suckerfish style menus you see around the web. I cant recall now the plugin that I used. You can go to Jquery and search for drop down menus in their plugins list. Theres literally dozens there you can choose from. Then you need to create a custom view for your autonav menu block so that the Jquery plugin can transform your content (based on the correct CSS selectors) to a dropdown menu.

Ive been meaning to create a custom block out of this, but dont have the time and PHP skill to do so.

Good luck!
bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Reply
Can someone walk me through the easiest way to do drop down menu's to a theme? I can't get it to work for some reason.
da4kinov replied on at Permalink Reply
Did someone walk you through?
designthing replied on at Permalink Reply
I too am new to C5, and not quite sure why it doesn't come with a built in default dropdown menu, maybe jquery powered - like many wordpress themes have. 99% of websites use a formal horizontal or vertical primary navbar. The absence of this means extra work for themers and confusion for newbs. Wouldn't it be so much easier to simply have this feature installed, with an option to disable?
C5 is awesome but this is a definite minus.
I just don't get it!!
webnut replied on at Permalink Reply
Almost the year 2013 now.
Was this ever resolved?
I'm not finding any such menu in C5
and I'm looking right now.