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I am crossing the eCommerce bridge for the first time, and I need some advice. I am a experienced web developer and I have created many websites with concrete 5. I have purchased the 125$ eCommerce app, and it seems pretty straight forward.

Ultimately I need capabilities to sell k-cups online. I would like to have the ability for users to create accounts, and in some instances provide special pricing for various users. Is this possible with C5 / the C5 eCommerce add-on / and a payment gateway?

I looked at other options like shopify, but that seems to offer much more then I would need. I am looking for an option that is suitable for a somewhat experience web designer rather then something geared towards noobs like shopify. Any advice here?


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Discounts are a separate plugin mechanism to payment gateways and there are some further addons that do the sort of discount you want.

When you start styling, be sure to start from the alternate div based template rather than the default table based template.

Think hard about how your shop is organised. Once you have started entering products, attributes and sets, going back for a fundamental reorganisation can be a lot of work. As with most computer stuff, it pays to really think your data design through before you get too far as its the hardest thing to change.

Build a small version of the shop first, learn, and plan to throw it away.

If you run into shipping complexities beyond other shipping models, have a look at my Zone Based Shipping.
jlines41 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot John. I am definitely going to try building everything in concrete 5. I will look into the recommended add-ons, and I will be sure to do my due diligence on organization.