Email users and groups from dashboard

My site has several registered users filtered into numerous groups. I noticed at dashboard->users and groups there are checkboxes next to each user and a drop-down at the top right. I was thinking of creating a dropdown selection that would email selected users. Couple questions:

How difficult would this be to accomplish?

What are the different pages and controllers already being used for the Users and Groups section? Having a difficult time tracking them all down.

I looked into the newsletter add-on, but don't need all the different features, particularly the subscription service.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
well, what you're asking for is kind of how the mailing list started off, just providing an easy way to send out mailings to registered users based on groups. yeah, it has become a lot more advanced than that in terms of subscriptions, but that core of it is still there: the ability to configure, send, and manage mailings to users. not sure why you'd want to recreate the wheel.