Error Message - Warning: Missing argument 1 for Concrete5_Controller_Block_CoreStackDisplay::on_page_view()


I'm getting an error message:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for Concrete5_Controller_Block_CoreStackDisplay::on_page_view(), called in concrete/core/controllers/blocks/core_scrapbook_display.php on line 42 and defined in concrete/core/controllers/blocks/core_stack_display.php on line 49

I thought it might be an issue with an add-on called ProBlog as the error first appeared on blog posts that were associated with ProBlog. However, when the original creator of ProBlog tried to track down the issue, he noticed the error was also on my dashboard login page, leading him to believe this is a core issue.

Sample page with error:

Here are the bits of code that the error message is referring to:

In the file named core_scrapbook_display.php:

public function on_page_view() {
   $b = Block::getByID($this->bOriginalID);
   $bc = $b->getInstance();
   if (method_exists($bc, 'on_page_view')) {

Line 42 is $bc->on_page_view();

In the file named core_stack_display.php:

public function on_page_view($page) {
   $stack = Stack::getByID($this->stID);
   if (!is_object($stack)) {
      return false;
   $p = new Permissions($stack);
   if ($p->canViewPage()) {
      $blocks = $stack->getBlocks();
      foreach($blocks as $b) {
         $bp = new Permissions($b);
         if ($bp->canViewBlock()) {
            $btc = $b->getInstance();
            if('Controller' != get_class($btc)){

Line 49 is public function on_page_view($page).

I'm using concrete5 version

Has anyone else run into this error before?

I'm fairly new to C5, so any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.



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ACEKC replied on at Permalink Reply
Could someone please help me with this issue?