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Hi all,

I recall searching for this before and finding a solution, but I looked again this morning and didn't find anything easily. So, apologies if this has been addressed on the forum.

Literally every time I go to login as an admin on my site, I get this error:

"Invalid form token. Please reload this form and submit again."

This has been happening for the last nine months. If I reset my password, I might be able to get in for a short period of time, but this is getting really tiresome. I disabled the session reset, but it still happens.

I would post my environment variables, but I can't get in to copy them ...

Hart Matthews

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Does your host use Varnish for caching? If so that can cause problems like this (as well as many other problems when editing).
hartmatthews replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, dang. Apparently my host does use Varnish. Is there something I can do about that? I love my host.
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
You should be able to have them turn it off... it will slow down your site, but it will function again.
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
If you wanted to stick with varnish (ahem), you could try a c5 setting to change session management to database-based. I'm not sure of the exact terminology, details or effectiveness.
hartmatthews replied on at Permalink Reply
Interestingly, I was able to fix the login problem by turning off the Cloudflare (!) caching. The C5 caching is still on, and the site works ... but I'm also having problems forcing SSL on the site, so the next experiment is to turn off caching in C5 and see what happens ...

Thanks, y'all!