Event Ticket Sales System

So I've been looking for some form of open source or otherwise event ticket sales system but everything I find is hosted by the provider or self-hosted on the back of WordPress, which I refuse to use... Has anyone ever made a system in Concrete5 or know of a decent self hosted solution that could be integrated with Concrete5 or at least stand alone so I don't have to use WordPress...

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anete replied on at Permalink Reply
This might be of interest to youhttp://www.phpjabbers.com/ticket-booking-script/...

I've purchased a few of their developer scripts over time and they are good. Excellent support as well.
vGibson replied on at Permalink Reply
I'll have to look at it a bit more to see if I can --bend it to my will-- but it looks promising at quick glance...

Basically I'm building a website for an organization that puts on a reserved seating event twice a year and they need online ticket sales, event product sales, seating chart integration and some say of tracking attendee information and particulars...
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
You might want to take a look at this article about these 2 marketplace add-ons:

Bookings & Reservations with ProForms and ProEvents

Requires 5.5+ (not available for 5.7+ yet) and PHP 5.3+

You can save $13 buying this bundle:

Hope that helps, John
vGibson replied on at Permalink Reply
I had looked at these previously but unfortunately I want to use 5.7.x as my base :(