event_list / display calendar name

Hi folks,

I have done a custom template to display an event_list (aka future dates of multiples calendars).
I have already isolated the start and end dates to format them but I don't find a way to get the related calendar name.
Then.... is there a way to display the calendar name for each occurence?
Thanks in advance for your support


if ( $calendar ) {
   $pagination = $list->getPagination();
   $pagination->setMaxPerPage( $totalToRetrieve );
   $events = $pagination->getCurrentPageResults();
   if ( $canViewCalendar ) {
      $service = Core::make( 'helper/date' );
      $c = Page::getCurrentPage();
      $cID = $c->getCollectionID();
      $numEvents = count( $events );
      <article class="ccn-calendar-list">
         <?php if ($eventListTitle) { ?>
         <?php } ?>

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