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Hello everyone -

Curious if there's a way to export content from a C5 site (preferably as XML) such that it could be passed off to a translation agency - then once the content is translated, imported back into the database?

I suppose it could just be as simple as exporting a single table (is all C5 content captured by areas held in one table?) and re-importing that table...

Basically, the translation agency doesn't want to use the CMS - they just want text files transferred back and forth and I'm trying to work the best way to do so.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
.mo and .po files?
griebel replied on at Permalink Reply
Concrete5 uses gettext to read strings from one translation file. You can use Poedit, to translate.

Read more athttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_gettext...
evanadelman replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm thinking that perhaps the ideas here are more complicated than what I need - I'm just looking for the *content* of the site - not C5's interface at all. Ie, someone out there must have already put a SQL query together that extracts the latest & greatest content from the btcontentlocal table, no? I would simply export that content, pass to a translation agency to create a different version of the content, then re-import the translated content table. Or something similar...
theroadsouth replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm interested in this same topic. A requirement we have for a CMS is to be able to export site content so we can send it to a translation agency (in CVS, Excel, or PO format). Once translated, the content would be imported again. Is this possible with C5?
jinpalosang replied on at Permalink Reply
We also have need for this same application to extract out into individual text files all of the content of our Concrete5 system so that we can dump it into a DocuWiki (http://www.dokuwiki.org/features#easy_integration) site that uses ordinary plain text files for content.

We use the DocuWiki for its fast [[Wiki]]-like hyperlinking ability and I use Concrete5 for its beautiful formatting and add-ons.

I would pay several hundred dollars to have such a wonderful add-on for Concrete5 that could do such an export to text files of each page of the content on the Concrete5 system.