Exporting user data to Excel

I’ve noticed a couple of issues when trying to export user data to an Excel file via the dashboard ‘Export All’ function within the Users and Groups.

User attributes that are of the select type which could have either a single or multiple values output the attribute object rather than the value within a cell e.g ‘Object id #307’.

This also occurred on the dashboard within the ‘View User’ profile page, any attribute with multiple values would output the object id rather than value.

Secondly, relating to the above, when an attribute has multiple options it creates additional rows within the Excel file.

Has anyone else noticed this or have a possible solution? I resolved the ‘View User’ page on the dashboard to display the actual object values rather than object id, but attempting to modify the /tools/users/search_results_export.php has proved unsuccessful in trying to resolve this issue for the exported Excel Doc.



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beebs93 replied on at Permalink Reply
If you really want to have better control of the outputted Excel file I would recommend diving into PHPExcel (http://phpexcel.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/view/74786). It's probably a sledgehammer solution when a hammer would do, but it's extremely powerful and a nice tool to have in your belt.

That said, if you want a quick fix I would try modifying from line 41 of the export file you mentioned from this:
foreach($attribs as $ak) {
   echo("<td>" . $ui->getAttribute($ak, 'display') . "</td>");

to this:
foreach($attribs as $ak) {
   echo("<td>" . $ui->getAttribute($ak) . "</td>");
xigo replied on at Permalink Reply
The above is really useful, but is there a way of having address fields exported as address1, address2, town/city etc within each row also.
bentvision replied on at Permalink Reply
This would totally benefit me too. I really need the address to be split out into separate columns.
kevinbrown04 replied on at Permalink Reply
IM looking for this feature too

It would be a great help