Express - Can you have multiple sub-objects?

First time looking at Express and have more of a conceptual question.

Can you have multiple sub-objects? e.g.
|_Product option 1
|_Product option 2

In the real world that might translate into...

And depending on the product, size might be a product option which modifies the price.

I see you can have one to many relationships but can they be grouped under a master object or would they all appear as objects at the same level (which could get confusing fast)?



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cmscss replied on at Permalink Reply
I thought the 'Express entity' attribute was a sub entity/object but I can't figure out how to add attributes to it so assume it's for something else?
cmscss replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
OK, for my own future ref (or others) I think you need to:
- Create the main entity
- Create the sub-entity and twirl down the advanced options
- Under 'Owned by' choose the main entity

More testing to be done but that looks correct
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes. Owned By is what you're looking for.

For example, if you have an object that you'll never want to create without creating it from the context of another object, you can make that object owned by the original object. It creates a similar association between the two, but you won't see the owned by object in the main express list, and you'll be able to add a sub-object of that type from the main object's detail page in the dashboard.
cmscss replied on at Permalink Reply
Awesome mate, thanks heaps!