Express - Problems using Entities and Entries

Hi all,

I am working on a site where users are submitting job requests. This creates an Entry for 8-9 different Entity types.

I've now come across a wall.

When I assign a job to a user, I want to put the user id in to a field on the Entry. Every Entity has a text attribute named <entity-handle>_assigned_user . As such I need to get the handle of the Entity that the Entry belongs to.

I have used
$entity = Express::getEntry($this->post('expressid')); //expressid is the ID of the Express entry being shown in the Express 'Detail' block

To get the Entry, but it returns an Entity instead. Calling functions on this Entity such as getHandle() returns nothing, and there is no way to get the full Entity object.

Does anyone know a way to get it?

$entry = Express::getEntry($this->post('expressid'));
$handle = $entry->getHandle(); // returns nothing


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pixelhero replied on at Permalink Reply
Anyone else tried to do this?