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Hello All C5ians

I am developing one another website using concrete 5 which is my second website based on c5. This one, we have to use a store(e-commerce) facility. I am advised to use zencart for that purpose and integrate with c5.

What I have done yet so far is, I installed zencart inside my c5 website folder as a sub directory. Now the store cane be accessed via the URL


that part is ok, but the issue I am facing is, I have to link this page to a menu item on the website menubar. I will have a menu item saying STORE which should be linked to the zencart page.

How can I achieve this? If I use autonav block for menu, is it possible to specify an external link to a particular item in autonav menu items?

Another option, instead of autonav, I may use Content block and put the menu items manually and link. But even then how can I create a link to the subfolder inside the c5 directory?. Apparently, there is no use if I make page called STORE in c5 sitemap and link to it, right?

I hope I dont make this issue complicated to read. any help would be great.
thank you

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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
Adding an external link is really easy. Just go to 'Dashboard > Site Map'. Click on the node you want to list the external link under and select 'External Link'.
jeevanism replied on at Permalink Reply

thanx for the reply. but I have one more doubt. This external link is static right? what if I need a dynamic link?

The real issue is , I need to link with my zencart URL to the main site Menu item.
Zencart URL might get changed if the concrete folder name will be changed.

To be clearer, now in local host development machine, the URL is like this :-


but when the time of hosting, this will behttp://www.sitename.com/store. This is an issue.

Any ideas to solve this issue??

thank you
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
When the time comes and you move to a new host, then edit the link to point to http://www.sitename.com/store.