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Hi all,

I am looking to only allow registrations from Facebook on my site. I was thinking of using a plugin like this:http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/facebook-connect/,... then removing the option to register the normal way, so when a user is on the registration/login page it only shows the Facebook register option. Wondering if that's possible and a rough idea of how I would do that.

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goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
You may want to pose this question to that addon developer in their presales questions page. I have not used that one before but I would imagine that they have a block that you can add to any page with the button or form for Facebook login. So you could probably just make any page, call it Login and then add that block to it. And then just hide any links to the regular C5 login. That would be easier than trying to edit the normal C5 login page which I believe is a single page.
hanicker replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi. Goldhat is completely right. You can disable registration in the Dashboard Settings and add a Facebook Connect block to your pages that allows login with Facebook.

enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
So if I disable registration in the settings, registration is still possible? Good to know!
hanicker replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi. Sure (enlil sorry for my late reply to your icons, I'm working on the new release with them, thanks a lot!). If the block is present, registration is possible. This is due to many people using the block (me too) as the only possible authentication system.

This can be changed, for Social Login Package at
$data['uIsValidated'] = '1';

and, for Facebook Connect Package at
line 124, same code.
You can also change it to manual approval ($data['uIsValidated'] = '0';)