FATAL ERROR - session_set_cookie_params

Hello there!

So I will begin by saying that out of nowhere I have encountered this message on my home page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_set_cookie_params() in /home/SITE/SITENAME/updates/concrete5.6.3.1_updater/concrete/startup/session.php on line 10

Line 9 through 17 in Session.php looks like this:
(defined('SESSION_COOKIE_PARAM_PATH')?SESSION_COOKIE_PARAM_PATH:str_replace(' ', '%20', DIR_REL) . '/'),

Is this a cache problem? Something I have to delete? I did not even initiate an update. So somehow my current version of Concrete5 seems to be an updater. I have worked with Concrete5 for quite a while but I don't know where to go from here.

Help would be appreciated!

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fireacer replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Digitwall,

I just had the same issue. If i find a solution i will update it here.
digitwall replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there! Who do you host with? Maybe your host changed the server on you? Moved everything to "something better"?

fireacer replied on at Permalink Reply

Thats exactly what happened. I updated my php ini to the correct version and problem solved. It was on dreamhost and i think they moved onto php5.3 when they switched to ubuntu (thus causing a problem with my old ini file).
fireacer replied on at Permalink Reply
BTW , about the updater thing. Thats how concrete5 (5.6 and earlier) updates, in short it adds it to the update directory and the system looks through those files first (to make for a quicker roll-back, in a worst case scenario etc). It doesn't harm anything but if you have some configs on your front end caching (ie akamai or cloudflare) they may have a moment where they may report an issue very briefly before re-caching static content (as some static files will point to that new updater directory).
digitwall replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply! I figured it out a couple of hours after I posted.
I had configured the php.ini file and had a cgi-bin in my website root also.

I simply removed the cgi-bin folder to see if that would change anything and then my website was working again. This was after all a website for a client of mine so getting the website live again was a big priority. Getting it live was the only priority at the time.

I will have to modify the PHP setting again now for PHP 5.4.

I am with Dreamhost and noticed this happen last Sunday night (October 5 I think).

Anyways, thanks for everything.