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first of all: Good job! I like concrete5 alot and am going to use it in some projects. dashboard->sitemap: This seems to be the only place to see / edit the whole sitestructure. It took me quite a bit to recognize that (mayby it should be renamed). I'd like to see concrete5 being multilangual but that seems to be adressed in 5.1. The filemanager (as i can see) has no ability to handle / create folders. Default Block Types can not be disabled. For example I'd like to disable the "video-player" block because it's not needed anyway. (Additionaly a nice to have feature would be to be able to enable or disable special blocks for usergroups / users) kind regards, Elm0

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink
I think the folder feature in the file manager is going to be HUGE as these sites start to grow and pull in different types of files.
Remo replied on at Permalink
+1 vote for "folders"
+1 vote for "hiding blocks"
squeeze69 replied on at Permalink
Folders & Hiding blocks: another vote.
dancobb replied on at Permalink
This does sound like a good thing to put on the road map for sure.

Something where you can define what roles have access to create or edit certain part types would be a great enterprise level feature.
frz replied on at Permalink
what are we really talking about with hiding stuff at this point?

There is an "advanced permissions" mode that if you turn on - /should/ let you do all sorts of fun permission stuff around blocks and block areas.

Set certain parts of a page to be editable by the PR folks, but don't let them edit a navigation.. Or you can change the stuff YOU added but not someone else.. etc.

Now I say /should/ because this detailed level of permission was actually how concrete v4 worked all the time. We found the interface to be super bulky and no one really used it much. From our experience, every corporate client ASKS for workflow management and area level permissions - but then some guy named Bob ends up with an admin account that can do everything, and occasionally grants similar accounts to smart marketing people. So when we decided to re-vamp the UI from scratch, we rolled out the simpler permissions model that c5 defaults too. So far, we've spent a far larger amount of time testing it than the old detailed level permissions that are still under the hood, but typically left blank.

Long story short, setup a test install, read this:

and tell me if that doesn't do what you're asking for on the hiding content question...
Remo replied on at Permalink
as you wrote yourself, no one really used this since it was too complicated! I gave it a try a while ago...

Most projects don't need such a detailled level of permissions. But haveing a few more options than the simple model would be great!

Giving the user the flexibility to do everything might be nice but it can confuse too!

I think hiding blocks isn't that complicated (it works by changing a field rows in the database). For such an easy task, it's definitely too much to use the advanced permission model!
frz replied on at Permalink
one thing i am considering - what if the default install had even fewer blocks. what do you really need youtube video for... google map? that doesn't need to be there...

that stuff could move to the marketplace, once its ready, particularly if its a seamless install. One of the things we've been dreaming of is being able to browse/buy/add blocks FROM a c5 install and not even coming to this site..
certainly if we were able to add a BROWSE NEW tab to the add block popup, i'd strip down that default list in a heart beat...

in the meantime, yes - you could delete some rows from the blocks table and those guys would disapear
FIBER replied on at Permalink
To many blocks :)

For 3 sites i deleted most of them for i wouldnt use them.
Or a good feature might be categorizing blocks... so u can use a kind of foldout or whatever method.
Some sites need a lot of blocks, but that way the list would be to long.. categorizing would help
ScottC replied on at Permalink
are the blocks going to be a per developer license or per site?
frz replied on at Permalink
check out this post i just started to discuss the marketplace

ScottC replied on at Permalink
I am going to think about it for a bit and see. I am looking forward to documentation as to how to run multiple sites off of one concrete core.
Remo replied on at Permalink
it would be nice to be able to add some block right within the dashboard but it's okay if it's not that easy ;-)

I'm much happier, when I could hide a couple of things using the dashboard but in the meanwhile I'll just remove these rows from the table.
Remo replied on at Permalink
Why not add a new field to "blocks", let's say "bVisible".

Set to 0 to hide a block and 1 to show it... That's a very easy change and you probably just have to modify one simple query.

Modifying db values is not nice but still better than removing lines from it.

This field could then be used in the dashboard when someone has the time to add this feature?!
ymne replied on at Permalink
Maybe to have in the configuration setup of C5, the choice to decide wich blocks will be display and use; and also those that you can or want to add from the MarketPlace and be able to download it and be automatically install (as it is in CMS Made Simple).

When the administrator have finished to make this kind of setup, he would have in the section of the list of the blocks, only those that he need for now. And also, he would have the opportunity to change all that in the future ('cause things change when it grow, no?).

It would be a fast setup, a great feature.

frz replied on at Permalink
we're already thinking along those lines in terms of adding stuff to an install... not a gateway step, but an easy way to browse /from/ your site.
Pritam replied on at Permalink
"Long story short, setup a test install, read this:

This page seems to be deleted !!
frz replied on at Permalink