File Manager Permission for Users Levels

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how can I create a permission for a specific user?
A registered User should be able to access (delete/edit/replace or use it on blocks) only his/her files after login on the site.

Would that be possible, if yes please help me do it correctly.

Thanks in advanced.

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madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
Omar have you checked this out?
May help.
primewaydesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah I've checked on it, but does not give a clear instruction of how perform this task.

I've also seen this one:

Same issue though!
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
Im not sure about this but in the Files permissions

you can add "File uploader" as an option, if you add the file uploader for each of the tasks you would like a user to do then you should be able to get what you want?

I have not tested this but looking at the permissions it appears to do what you want?
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
To do this on specific blocks you are may still require advanced permissions to be switched on. But the file permissions should be able to be changed without advanced permissions.
primewaydesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm aware of that the advanced permissions should be enabled.
But still I have clear instructions of how to do this "simple" task.
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Its not "simple" it under Advanced permissions for a reason.

My previous comment suggested that you could do this with out advanced permissions. That is to say if you do not want it done on a specific block.

Maybe if you could explain a little clearer how you would like this to work?

If you provide permissions for a user to be able to edit a file they do not need to go near the block at all they should be able to replace the file from the File manager.

Does it require that the permissions are set on just the block and not the actual page?

If you could provide some more information on either, your end goal or specific target then I will try to help you through.

If you don't need to turn on "advanced permissions" then we can do this without.

Ie to allow users to edit their own files

Goto the File Permissions page /dashboard/system/permissions/files/
Select "View Files"
Under Included > Select "Add"
From the new window choose "Select" and choose "File Uploader"
Press "Save"
File Uploader should appear under the included section Press "Save"
View Files should now display: admin, File Uploader

Do the same for Search Files in File Manager, Edit File Properties, Edit File Contents and Add File

you can do the same for Copy File, Delete File if you wish? Each should be pretty obvious as to its purpose

Now in order for a user to replace there current file(I am assuming a portfolio image in this instance) the user would open the file manager select the image, (Left Clicking) and choose Replace, then find the replacement image and select upload/save this will replace the file where it exists, including blocks that the image is used. (Caching may prevent this being displayed immediately) But the block would not need to be edited by the user at all in this case.
drennapete replied on at Permalink Reply
This is really helpful, thanks for taking the time Sean.