Firefox 11 TinyMCE issue workaround and fix


FYI, there is a bug with older versions of TinyMCE and Firefox 11 that breaks implementations when having multiple editors using TinyMCE on the same page. The solution involves upgrading TinyMCE to the latest version (currently 3.5b2) -- once you've upgraded, the problem should go away.

In the interim, there's a quick work around -- apparently the source of the bug has to do with TinyMCE themes (advanced, simple, etc) and as long as you do not duplicate a theme, editors will display correctly.

Figured if we just hit this problem, others will too shortly. Hopefully this helps.

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webstercoder replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - I've run into this issue also. What do you mean by "do not duplicate a theme"?
Can you provide an example of what it means to "duplicate a theme" please?

Doki replied on at Permalink Reply
TinyMCE allows you to use themes (or more accurately teminology-wise - sets) to essentially dictate what content is in the TinyMCE controller (i.e. what buttons are on top of the editor.) You can set this universally within Concrete5 in the dashboard under Settings -> Rich Text Editor (its on the bottom of the right column).

The pre-sets within Concrete5 are Simple, Advanced, Office and Custom, and the C5 core code and a lot of add-ons are programmed to use this choice.

The error is caused when two TinyMCE editors are loaded that use the same sets (aka two "simple", two "advanced", etc).

You can, however, programatically dictate within your block/page/etc to use a different set than the one specified in the dashboard (essentially by hard-coding the set to a non-default one). So, if you have a page that's breaking because you have two "Simple" editors on it, hard code one to use "Advanced" -- this should solve the issue in the short run.

If you need help with this, let me know and I can show you how to code this (feel free to PM me too, as we can set up a Skype call to go over it if its complicated on your end).